Illuminate Your Apartment With Custom Task Lighting

task lighting

Fortunately, picking lamps for our Overland Park apartments has become a much more engaging experience. By throwing out traditional rules and following a few simple tips, you can use your lighting to add to the overall chic feel of your apartment. You no longer need to have all your lamps match perfectly. Instead, choose one common element, such as the … [Read more...]

Stroll to Nearby Kensington Park From Signature Place


The next time you decide to venture out and explore the area surrounding our community, be sure to check out Kensington Park. Located within walking distance of our Signature Place apartments, this park is the perfect spot for all ages. Kensington is made up of five acres of land, with a range of activities for everyone. The park offers half-court … [Read more...]

Celebrate a Low-Key Cinco de Mayo at Overland Park’s Frida’s


Are you planning to get out and celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Overland Park? If you're looking for someplace nearby, you should definitely check out Frida's Mexican Cuisine. The restaurant is located just a mile from our Signature Place apartments, so you can easily drive or walk. The menu at Frida's Mexican Cuisine features a wide range of selections, … [Read more...]

Enjoy Newly Renovated Luxury Interiors at Signature Place


Are you someone who appreciates style? Enjoy inhabiting beautiful spaces and giving them your own, personal touch? The Signature Place community has the apartments for you! We've recently renovated the interiors of our apartments, and now, they're better than ever! Our newly renovated apartments have a designer vibe which will make you feel right at home. … [Read more...]

Overland Park Dining Spotlight: Sheridan’s Unforked


Routine is all well and good, but it's also good to break the monotony and try something new. With all the options for Overland Park dining, it can be tricky to venture out without knowing whether you're going to be trying the best restaurant around, or just a place that'll make you long for your routine haunts. That's why we've done some of the legwork for … [Read more...]

Choose From 3 Unique One-Bedroom Overland Park Apartment


There's lots of factors to consider when hunting for apartments. You want one which is the perfect size for you, with terrific features and thoughtful floorplans. At Signature Place Apartments, you'll find one-bedroom apartments which suit your needs! Signature Place has three different floorplans in our one-bedroom models. If you're looking for a cozy … [Read more...]

Join the Spring Sketch Crawl at the Overland Park Arboretum


If you're looking for a way to spend a Friday this spring, why not enjoy the outdoors and some art at the same time? There's many spring events in Overland Park, but we'll highlight just one of them today. At the end of April there's a Spring Sketch Crawl at the Overland Park Arboretum that's sure to pique the interest of anyone who enjoys landscape … [Read more...]

Ask About Short-Term Leases at Our Overland Park Apartments


It's pretty hard to get comfortable when you're living in a hotel room. We completely understand! Our Overland Park apartments with short-term leases are the perfect alternative to hotel living! We've designed our short-term leases for people that need temporary living spaces that are comfortable and welcoming homes. As a member of our community, you can … [Read more...]

Stop by the Community Starbucks Bar for a Morning Boost


Not really a morning person? Can't start your day without a good cup of Joe? Don't worry! We've got your covered! The Starbucks bar in our apartments in Johnson County was designed with you in mind! Grabbing coffee at a coffee shop on your way to work every morning can get expensive pretty quickly. Fortunately, our Starbucks coffee bar is available to our … [Read more...]

Furniture Makeover: Converting an Old Office Chair for $5 or Less


If you've created an office area in one of our downtown apartments in Overland Park, freshen up the space by revamping your old office chair. Here are tips on making over your worn out office chair for less than $5. Measure the height and width of each piece of chair you're upholstering. Add 4-inches to each measurement. This will give you the extra … [Read more...]