Top Haunted Houses Around Overland Park

Kansas City haunted housesSorry horror buff, your Signature Place apartment in Johnson County just doesn’t make for a good haunted house.  Not enough hidden passageways or creepy basements.  However some other folks have found all the great spots with hidden passageways and creepy basements and converted them into the scariest haunted houses in the area.  Here they are if you’re brave enough to visit them.

Kansas City Haunted Attractions

In Kansas City, The Beast is just minutes away.  This huge haunted house is unique because you get to wander through the scenes instead of following a line of people.  Full Moon Productions also offers Kansas City ghost tours, plus The Edge of Hell, The Chambers of Edgar Allen Poe and Macabre Cinema haunted houses (with a record-breaking long, live python).

The Halloween Haunt at Worlds of Fun is sure to be a thriller, too.  Ride roller coasters through the park as it transforms into a scary scene, with zombies, crazed scarecrows, monsters, and other creepy creatures.

Halloween Getaway To Kansas Haunted Houses

For those Halloween fanatics willing to make a short drive to top haunted houses in Kansas that are further away, check out the suggestions below.  Each of these haunted houses is over three hours away, but they’re all located in the same area, so you could make it a weekend Halloween getaway!

  • Dead End Zone Haunted ForestIn Colwich, the Dead End Zone offers ten haunted attractions that are sure to scare and chill you to the bone with unique shares.  Once you’ve done what you can on foot, hop on the haunted hayride.
  • Field of Screams IXHere in the aptly-named Maize you’ll find the largest haunted attraction in Kansas.  You can actually participate in two different attractions here.  First is The Field where you’ll roam the corn field as you try to escape the ghouls that haunt it.  The other is Clown Town which is, you guessed it, a town full of super creepy clowns.
  • The House of TerrorsConsidered the most intense haunted experience in Wichita, you’ll wonder when his scary experience is going to end.  You’ll wade through Area 51 as you try to evade cannibals, wild animals and other nuclear waste-related horrors.
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Image courtesy of Full Moon Productions.

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